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The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights defines a victim as an individual who has suffered physical or emotional harm, economic loss or property damage as a result of a crime committed in Canada. Victims of crime and tragedy are often overwhelmed, confused and unsure of how to deal with the events and procedures which follow. Our organization offers support, programs and services

such as court orientation and accompaniment. We can assist in such cases as;


Homicide  |  Sudden Death  | Assaults  |   Family/Relationship Violence   |   Robbery   |   Fraud, Thefts, ID Theft


Break & Enter (Residential/Business)   |   Vandalism/Mischief   |   Serious Motor Vehicle Collisions   


Fire/Multi-Casualty Disaster   |   Industrial Accidents/School Crisis

​​​Our assistance is specific to the victims and the incident. After the initial referral and first support, we follow up with the victim(s) to continue to provide information and referrals as the need arises. Our relationship may extend to court support, including orientation and accompaniment (should the case warrant a trial) and informing the victim of Victim Impact Statements, Financial Benefits for Victims of Violent Crime, Restitution, etc. Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society acts as a central information point for victims regarding the status of the investigation, the court case, and the trial disposition. Victims and witnesses with additional information regarding their case may contact the Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society to have this information forwarded to the appropriate investigator.

When you’re a victim of a crime and/or trauma, you may experience feelings of:


Fear   |   Anger   |   Violation   |   Anxiety   |   Isolation   |   Helplessness   |   Depression


Self-doubt   |   Stress   |   Shock   |   Disbelief   |   Hurt   |   "Why me?"


Victims of crime and/or trauma are often overwhelmed and confused, distrustful of others, and unsure how to deal with the emotional trauma.


Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society can help you deal with these feelings. We provide support and reassurance. We want you to know that "you're not alone," that it's all right to feel the way you do - and that many of your fellow Albertans, also the victims of crime or misfortune, share the same feelings.


Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society is a source of support to thousands of Albertans every year who have been victimized by crime. Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Crisis Intervention

We offer our clients immediate support, information and agency referrals to individuals affected by crime or trauma. 

Support Services

Our team offers services  through our professional and compassionate provision of direct support, information and referral.

Court Support

Victims/Witnesses are often overwhelmed about judicial processes. Our team can guide you step by step through the court process.


We provide information on programs and services offered through referral agencies that can assist you on the road ahead.

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