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Court Support, Orientation & Accompaniment

Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support offers court support, preparation and accompaniment services to assist victims/witnesses who are involved in court proceedings.

Our team provides guidance and support prior to court dates and throughout the court process to assist in alleviating fears and familiarizing clients with the legal processes involved.

Accessing Victim Services is voluntary; you may decide that you need some or all of the services, the choices are always yours. It is our principle that all victims are treated with compassion, courtesy and respect.

ALL WITNESSES MATTER! Compassionate, Complimentary & Confidential Services.

Support Services Include;

  • Assistance through the judicial process and courthouse terms;

  • Information on your specific case and case updates;

  • Provision of Victim Impact Statement and Financial Assistance and/or Restitution if applicable;

  • Identifying and referring you to specialized community services;

  • Follow up as necessary after court as in Information on appeal process, parole board and connecting to Corrections Canada Victim Services.

    To learn more about Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support and our compassionate, complimentary & confidential service call 1-403-885-3355



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Red Deer Court House

4909 48 Ave., Red Deer, AB, T4N 3T5

P: (403) 340-5250

F: (403) 340-7985

Manager: H. Bound

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