Who we help

Victims are people like you, who are hurting emotionally or physically as a result of crime and/or trauma. We assist victims who have been a victim of or have been affected by:


  • domestic violence

  • sexual assault

  • motor vehicle collisions

  • suicide

  • homicide

  • missing person/search and rescue

  • break and enter/robbery

  • fire/multi-casualty disaster

  • family/personal crisis

  • sudden death 

  • next of kin death notification



When you’re a victim of a crime and/or trauma, you may experience feelings of:


  • fear

  • anger

  • violation

  • anxiety

  • isolation

  • helplessness

  • depression

  • self-doubt

  • stress

  • shock

  • disbelief

  • hurt

  • "why me"


Victims of crime and/or trauma are often overwhelmed and confused, distrustful of others, and unsure how to deal with the emotional trauma.


Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society can help you deal with these feelings. We provide support and reassurance. We want you to know that "you're not alone," that it's all right to feel the way you do - and that many of your fellow Albertans, also the victims of crime or misfortune, share the same feelings.


Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society is a source of support to thousands of Albertans every year who have been victimized by crime. Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.



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