Goals & Guidelines

Goals of the Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society:


  • Lessen the immediate impact of a crime on a victim

  • Help victims cope with the effects of a crime by providing support, information and referrals to existing social agencies

  • Focus on the prevention of further victimization and provide encouragement to the victim

  • Help to increase the "availability time" of RCMP Members and be of service to investigators by providing assistance to the victim during the investigation of a crime

  • Actively participate in preventative crime deterrents with potential victims

  • Promote positive liaisons between RCMP Members, Court systems and the victim

  • Promote ongoing public awareness


Guiding Principles for Helping Victims:


  • To treat victims with courtesy and compassion and respect their dignity and privacy so they only suffer the minimum inconvenience from their involvement with the criminal justice system

  • To ensure victims receive prompt and fair attention for the harm they have suffered

  • To provide information regarding the victim’s rights, remedies and the methods to obtain them

  • To provide information to the victims about their participation in criminal proceedings, scheduling and disposition

  • To ascertain the views and concerns of the victims and provide the appropriate assistance throughout the criminal process

  • To ensure the personal interests, views and concerns of the victim are brought to the attention of the court where appropriate and consistent with criminal law and procedure

  • To provide options to the victims and their families to ensure their safety

  • To inform the victim of health and social services and other relevant assistance

  • To encourage victims to report the crime and cooperate with law enforcement

  • To provide well-trained volunteers who are able to maintain the integrity of the Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society and that all contact with members, victims and the public at large is kept confidential

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