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Our mandate is to provide direct support, information, referral and education for victims of crime or tragedy until their own support systems are in place.


Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society provides services to the people of Blackfalds, Clive, Joffre, Springbrook, the Summer Village of Gull Lake, a large portion of Lacombe County, and a large portion of Red Deer County. Victim Support can be provided at the request of a police officer, a referral from another agency, detachment walk-in or phone inquiries.  Trained Victim Support Advocates come to the immediate aid of those whose lives have been shattered by crime or tragedy. This may include someone who has been sexually assaulted, harassed, beaten, robbed, involved in a motor vehicle accident,  who has experienced the sudden death of a loved one or whom has been the victim of a break in. The advocates provide immediate and direct support, compassion, a listening ear, and direction on obtaining support related services. All services are free and confidential. Advocates can provide court preparation and accompany victims to court, as well as track criminal proceedings for the victim, should it be required.

Our Vision

We assist in bridging the gap from hurt to hope to empower survivors of crime and tragedy to take control of their lives.

Our Mission

To equip clients to engage positively and productively in their community through our professional and compassionate provision of direct support, information, referral and education.

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APBVSA Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association started this petition to Premier Jason Kenney (Premier, Honourable Jason Kenney)

Amendments to Bill 16, The Victims of Crime Amendment Act (Strengthening Public Safety) will severely diminish the scope of Financial Benefits to victims of crime, NOT enhance them, as stated by this government. 


One of the UCP platforms was to combat rural crime, add more police officers, and crown prosecutors. However, what they didn't tell Albertans was, is that they planned to utilize the Victims of Crime Fund, rather than general operating funds to do so. The "consultations" that the UCP did were about rural crime - NOT about changes to the Victims of Crime Fund.

The Victims of Crime Fund was created with the intent to support victims of crime and organizations that support those victims. It is NOT general revenue/taxpayers' money. It is money collected through victim fine surcharges administered upon conviction in provincial and criminal court.  Those funds should continue to fund victims and victim serving organizations, as it was intended, especially where funding is currently inadequate. 

Absolutely NO consultation has taken place with important stakeholders and experts in the field in relation to any other changes proposed by Bill 16. 

Working in Partnership with the



Working in Partnership with the RCMP to provide support, information and referrals to victims of crime or tragedy.

Message from the Executive Director

WELCOME to the Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society web site. We hope that you take some time to navigate through the information provided and become more aware of:


  • Our organization’s mandate and services

  • How we reach out to victims and survivors of crime and/or trauma

  • The Victims of Crime Protocol and the Victims of Crime Act – what can a victim of crime in Alberta expect?

  • Special events sponsored by Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society 

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Fundraising efforts

  • Victimization, the impact of crime on victims, victims’ rights, and victim services programs throughout the province.


If you would like to know more about Central Alberta Victim & Witness Support Society, or are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact me by email at admin@victimsupport.ca or call 403-348-9839. 

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